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Our Story

Paramount Seafood Distribution is a family run business and has been serving the Bay Area for years.  If you dined at a seafood restaurant, you’ve probably enjoyed a menu item provided by Paramount Seafood Distribution . 


Quality ingredients are key to a restaurant’s reputation. Owner Jason Mai is an entrepreneur who endeavors to always bring quality items for you to serve on your tables.  In his travels to visit fisheries and dining out, he realized that his best seafood dining experiences were the result of the best ingredients and unique ingredients.  As  a result, Paramount Seafood Distribution was begun, with the commitment to bringing those hard to find items as well as quality everyday staples for your culinary creations and for your customers’ dining experience.


Our business is to help you run your business, and make issues with your ingredients and delivery one less thing to have to worry about.   We have dedicated account support and reliable delivery service.  We also have next day service just in case you have unforeseen needs (or emergencies).  At Paramount, our quality is unmatched, as is our customer service.


Paramount also believes in sourcing from fisheries that are committed to sustainable fishing standards. Efforts in conserving the fish habitat, avoiding overfishing, and minimizing bycatch will ensure ample seafood supply for many generations to enjoy.


Local community activities are also at the heart of Paramount Seafood, and we participate   through food bank donations and meal giveaways.  If you have community activities, we would love to partner with you. Contact us

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